Elevated & Rooted EXPRESSES in four primary ways:


Connor is a holistic life guide. He works directly with humans just like you to help them discover what matters, do what they love, create the vitality to support their dreams, and contribute to the world. He serves via multi-month 1-on-1 relationships, on-demand holistic life creation intensives (2-4 hour 1-on-1 workshop), and online curriculum. To learn more about how he guides people, click here.


AUTHOR: Connor “I Am CRankin” Rankin is an author (expected 2021). To learn more about his book Love Your Mystery, click here.

POET: He also writes poetry. To listen and watch on YouTube, click here.

CREATIVE & BUSINESS WRITING: To learn how Connor serves people, projects, and business, click here.


Under the moniker ChocTalkz, Connor makes some of the healthies chocolate bars on the planet. In his home kitchen, he stone grinds organic ceremonial grade cacao beans for over 24 hours. Each bar carries a specific intention, which is supported by select vitality enhancing ingredients. Further, each chocolate bar is an invitation to wisdom, love, and vitality. To follow this beautiful rabbit hole, click on the link for each chocolate bar and learn more. Connor also hosts a podcast called ChocTalkz (click here for the podcast). To learn more about ChocTalkz, click on the ChocTalkz page.


Elevated & Rooted delivers the goods via audio.

ChocTalkz is a passion project podcast (learn more about ChocTalkz podcast here and see the episodes below). These are 1-on-1 explorations on life over a cup of warm ceremonial cacao. Recorded in person with binaural beats in the background to sync our brainwaves. Listen in!

CRankin hosts friendly Zoom video conversations with incredible humans regarding the 30 chapters in his book. These are topical explorations in which everyone learns and shares.

CRankin shares his creative expression in the form of freestyle rapping and flowetry (spoken word poetry). The freestyle expression is born out of the Flowmasters movement, and the written Flowetry is inspired by it too. Some of these videos can also be found here on YouTube.

#04 PERSPECTIVES w/ Matthew Adams – Love Your Mystery Elevated & Rooted

  1. #04 PERSPECTIVES w/ Matthew Adams – Love Your Mystery
  2. #03 PRESENCE w/ Andi X – Love Your Mystery
  3. #02 AWARENESS w/ Jamal Vallair – Love Your Mystery
  4. #01 OCEAN w/ Gavin Masumiya – ChocTalkz

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