Courageous Contagious Consciousness

I recently stumbled across an incredible concept: The Map of Consciousness. While I’ve yet to read the author’s books, I’ve already felt the impact of his work.

Courage is a heck of a drug, people. I’ve always felt the inner warrior spirit, and in unprecedented global times like these, we all need to let more warrior out.

Mystery is alive in the moment, in the here and now. It just simply lies on the other side of a barrier of courage.

Terence McKenna

A rallying cry of mine is: Courageous Contagious Consciousness, for courage infects (in the best way) every other aspect of our lives. Courage is undeniably contagious, moreso than Coronavirus.

As Dr. David R. Hawkins posits, courage is the gateway to true power. Power is defined as positive aspect-oriented, constructive, and upward pulling.

Anything below power on the Map of Consciousness is considered problematic and a drain on energy. Once you tap into Courage, this is the first state of consciousness that energizes you. Said another way, anything below Courage is a powerless state, negative aspect-oriented, destructive, and downward pulling. Therefore, all change requires courage, at first.

This is why Courage is known as the stage of integrity, or the turning point.

Once we imbue ourselves with Courage, the world becomes more exciting and possibilities emerge. The adventure of life magnifies, and we fill the space of the unknown with magic. Life is more manageable, since we are able to tap into the true power of Courage through the simple act of choice. See the image below for a closer look.

Each day, humanity is spinning on a gigantic planet of uncertainty, which Coronavirus has only triggered and surfaced in us by many orders of magnitude. It’s always been an uncertain Universe, but we feel it now more than ever. However, no matter what you are going through, be cognizant of where you are at in the Map of Consciousness, and remember that by tapping into Courage, you can tap into your power.

Every wall is a door.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a bonafide call for Courage for us all. May we keep Courage as a baseline state of our lives. Now. Forever. Always. And don’t make it too complicated, take notes on the simplicity from a legend in this quote:

The most courageous decision that you can make each day is to be in a good mood.


Much love. Journey well. Be Courageous.

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