ChocTalkz 01: OCEAN w/ Gavin Masumiya

November 11 @ The Lab, a secret getaway for self-expansion hidden in West Los Angeles.


Welcome to ChocTalkz Episode Numero Uno!

Chocolate. Wisdom. Human Connection.

Guest numero uno is Gavin Masumiya. My cousin. My best friend. The human being with whom I share the best hugs. My spirit guide. An inspiration to me on my journey. Freestyle rapping fiend. Huge heart. Kind spirit. A playful ball of unleashed expression wrapped in a human body. He has been a massive influence on me. Through him, I’ve learned the power in expression, got back in touch with my musical nature, met many amazing people in LA, and so much more. Read his bio from him below and check out his resources.

About Gavin By Gavin


I believe that the quality of your life comes from the quality of your communication. Growing up as an extremely shy and insecure Asian kid in Los Angeles, my mission is to empower men and women to be confident, emotionally available, and self-expressed. As an award winning speaker and certified professional coach from one of the top coaching programs in the country (iPEC), I uniquely blend my love for public speaking and mindset coaching to help people-pleasers transform into fierce leaders.

I am the founder of Take Back Your Human (TBYH) online group program to transform ‘people-pleasers into fierce leaders, a co-founder of the Mindful Masculinity All-Day Retreat for men to realize their true power, and a co-founder of Flowmasters, a creative collaboration for raw cathartic self-expression inside of freestyle rapping.

Favorite Emotion


Ultimate wisdom for humanity in 10 words or less…

Share your weird, find your weird!

Biggest Dreams

Meditate with Momma Movement, Flowmasters chapters worldwide, TBYH Program going worldwide, traveling the world speaking, flowing, and coaching

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Here are the nuggets of wisdom that, if used by you, will turn your life into gold. To fall in love with life, you please must…


  • Ask existential questions.
    • What am I here to do? What is a good use of my time? Yes, these questions are frickin hard. And highly subjective. You can find and create meaningful answers, but you only create a meaningful life through experience. Once you are brave enough, humble enough, and honest enough to ask these questions, next you must be willing and determined in putting these into action. Stop drifting through life and start asking yourself better questions.
  • Give people the opportunity to love you for who you are.
    • Wow. How about that, huh? How often have you showed up in life wearing an egoic or protective mask? If we show up as us, as who we are right now, then we allow others the opportunity to connect with us. As with most failed relationships and faded friendships, we earned their love by being who we thought they wanted us to be and who we thought we had to be to earn their love. Deep inside we feel the pain. When we earn someone else’s love by straying away from our truest self, we actually diminish our own self-love, which is more important than anyone else’s love.
  • Symbolism and anchors
    • Everything in life is a symbol. Your name. Letters. Words. Art. People. Music. Weather. Food. We anchor meaning and emotion into our everyday life based on mental or physical objects, and internal or external triggers. Did you know you have the power to choose your own symbols and anchors? Please choose wisely. If you do not live your life by design, you will live it by default. The hivemind of society would be happy to choose the symbols and anchors of meaning and emotion in your life. Your entire existence is made up of your internal relationship with outer symbolism and anchors. If you do not understand this concept, please reach out to me. It’s very important.


  • Let the dissatisfaction and deficit moments of your past drive your change.
    • Your past can fuel your passion. People hate to feel bad. Me too. However, pain and trauma are incredible teachers. In fact, humans arguably learn best through these experiences because they are so visceral. The trick here is not to wallow in self-pity, sadness, or disgust. You must be able to concurrently be dissatisfied while also accepting where you are, as well as being far more excited and focused on leveraging immense positive energy to create your future. If your energy for your past and staying stuck on it outweigh your drive to change, you will never change.
  • Change your environment.
    • Each day, we wake up and our environment reminds us of who we think we are. In my humble opinion, we will never know exactly who we are. When you travel, go to new events, meet new people, taste new things, and step outside of yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to recreate yourself. On all levelsーmentally, physically, biologicallyーyou create yourself anew in new environments. New environments provide inspiration, generate community, enhance connections of information, and overall increase our understanding of life. It can also provide a much-needed breather from certain situations or people. Most importantly, getting into new environments helps you discover how people choose to experience life. This gives new perspective on culture, human connection, compassion, and life design.
  • Wonder.
    • Ask what-if questions. An imagination once stretched never returns to its original dimensions. Asking these type of questions can be very empowering if you ask with a focus and intention on what could go right. You want to encourage your ideal future.


  • Share your weird.
    • “Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.” C.S. Lewis
    • Bring your energy to life. Please don’t try to fit in. You are a unique expression of the cosmos. The tragic truth is that many people live quiet lives of desperation. Their souls are waiting to be heard, seen, understood, appreciated, nurtured. When you share your weird, you give others permission to do the same. Arguably, they don’t need your permission because they give it to themselves, However, many people won’t get to a place of self-understanding, self-respect, and self-love to give themselves permission without first seeing others granting themselves permission. Aliveness claims more aliveness. Share your weird. Bring your energy.
  • Be a mirror for others.We all have an incredible force of goodness in us. Your life force will shine when you see others for their beauty and power, despite their pain, shortcomings, and struggles.
  • Combine what you love about yourself, what you love to do, and what you love to share.“I learned many, many lessons from my father, but not least of which is that you can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love. “– Jim Carrey
  • Here is my combination that inspired ChocTalkz. A long time ago, I made a giant list of things I love, and I made a commitment to do more of these:

I, CONNOR WEST RANKIN, am purposefully alive to use my:

Emotional intelligence
Spirited enthusiasm for life
And huge heart of service

Grow into my highest most dynamic self
To love and connect deeply with others
And celebrate the adventure of life

And to share:
Timeless wisdom
Transformational experiences
And uplifting, enCOURAGING energy

Supplemental Resources/Topics

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Aubrey Marcus
Joe Dispenza
Jason Silva
The Five Love Languages
Michael Beckwith
Paul Selig

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