Who the heck and what the heck is Elevated & Rooted? Read below to find out.


Thank you for being here. Meet Elevated & Rooted.


Elevated & Rooted’s name first came to fruition in March 2017 on a crisp spring day in bustling New York City after a profound realization: the most incredible things in this worldーpeople, places, ideasーare all simultaneously Elevated & Rooted. I always strived to Elevate my own existence. As a 25 year old, I found myself shipped across the country to bustling NYC for a soul-sucking job where everyone is racing to make it on the human treadmill of significance. There, my new friends constantly remarked at my grounded nature and Rooted wisdom, which was a refreshing breath amongst the fast-paced melting pot of people. While I prided myself as an Elevated human being, it was at that time when I fully recognized and embraced my Rooted presence. Since then, the name has taken on many meanings.


Take, for example, the spirit of Elevated & Rooted as a mountain. Mountains are born of tectonic chaos, change, and transformation, rising up from Earth’s core in molten rock and soon to cool off and stand tall above all around it. People, animals, and all life will climb this mountain for thousands of years to come, gaining new perspectives and creating new ways of life. This mountain will stand the test of time, braving any weather, as well as physically and figuratively being the rock that others stand on and thrive upon.

How about a tree? Let’s take a redwood tree, one of the largest and most resilient trees on the planet. Where a seed was once planted, a tree rises from fertile soil and grows to unfathomable Elevation. They adapted throughout time to become more resourceful, soaking in nutrients from the fog and linking Roots underground with its surrounding kin to stay fastened during its ascension.

My personal path and intention with Elevated & Rooted are analogous to these two forces of nature. To fall in love with life and become the most extraordinary expression of you, I firmly believe one must Rootedーin wisdom, love, beauty, and compassionーand Elevatedーin enthusiasm, expansion, expression, and contribution. One must be able to rise from deep firey chaos to stand on her own, and ultimately allow for others to stand upon her. One must rise from a seed, evolving and Elevating while thriving and Rooting with its kin.

In addition, Elevated & Rooted touches on the dichotomies of life. And the mindfuck of non-duality. Can one be happy without sadness? How much would we appreciate sun without cloudy days? What would death be without life? How could there be movement without stillness? How can we be everything, yet nothing? Why does life feel so long, yet it is so short? Everything is one giant connection. That is why there is an “&” in Elevated & Rooted. To truly be Elevated, you must also be Rooted. To truly be Rooted, you must also be Elevated.

AND it continues. The human spirit is incomprehensibly timeless, powerful, and vast. Yet, we are experiencing life through the constraints of a human body driven largely by biology. The name Elevated & Rooted touches on this juxtaposition. Spirit and meatsuit. Invincibility and fragility. Angelic and animalistic. Divinity and humanity. Mystery and machinery. Infinity and scarcity. Ineffable and definite. Idea and form. Elevated & Rooted also touches on many of these contradicting themes of life. Transcendence and tragedy. Beauty and banality. Majesty and misery. Freedom and discipline. Spirituality and practicality. Are you getting the theme? Elevated & Rooted is a movement to bridge the endless dichotomies of life and an attempt at defining the undefinable ride of life. My art form of wisdom and human connection is symbolic of this life cycle. Elevated & Rooted stands for exploration of the extremely complex and polarizing human experience. And what an experience life is!

To truly fall in love with life, you must enthusiastically explore both ends of this spectrum, both sides of the coin of life, all while maintaining the humility that it’s all one and the same. With that, you just might become extraordinarily Elevated & Rooted.

So…What do WE do? Find out below!


Elevated & Rooted EXPRESSES in four primary ways: HOLISTIC LIFE GUIDANCE Connor is a holistic life guide. He works directly with humans just like you to help them discover what matters, do what they love, create the vitality to support their dreams, and contribute to the world. He serves via multi-month 1-on-1 relationships, on-demand holistic […]

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